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What Is the Cause of the Explosion of Lithium Batteries?

In daily life, lithium batteries can be seen almost everywhere, from electric cars to computer motherboard batteries. Lithium batteries have become an indispensable part of people. We often see various safety accidents caused by lithium batteries. The most impressive thing is the explosion and fire caused by lithium batteries.

  1. Avoid short circuit and overcharge.

    Almost most of the safety accidents caused by lithium batteries are caused by short circuits. We know that when the positive and negative poles of the battery are connected to each other in an abnormal path under the condition of very small resistance, that is, when we often say short circuit, very large current, and heat will be generated inside the battery, and the generated heat and excessive electric energy The release will not only cause serious damage to the battery life, but also for the use of a sealed package of lithium batteries, a certain pressure will be generated inside the battery, which will cause the internal pressure of the battery to increase sharply, and due to the very active chemical characteristics of lithium ions, it will eventually It will cause the shell to burst and burn. Due to the chemical characteristics of lithium-ion batteries, when we overcharge (overcharge) the battery, the negative electrode of the lithium battery cannot insert more lithium ions, causing lithium ions to precipitate as metal lithium on the surface of the negative electrode, causing the phenomenon of dendritic lithium When the dendritic lithium grows to a certain extent, it will pierce the diaphragm, causing an internal short circuit in the battery, and the isolation membrane will be damaged. The internal short circuit will also occur, which will cause a safety accident.

    Lithium Battery

  2. Piercing is also dangerous.

    Compared with short circuit and overcharge, piercing a lithium battery is also a very unwise approach. If the lithium battery is pierced by any hard object, the lithium ions inside it will directly react with the oxygen in the air, and the phenomenon of violent combustion will also occur. For the lithium battery itself or other electronic products containing lithium batteries, we usually see the eye-catching trash can sign. If the lithium battery is thrown away randomly, it will not only cause environmental pollution, but it is also more prone to fires during the garbage disposal process.

  3. Avoid high temperature and high temperature or fire burning will also cause the explosion and burning of the lithium battery.

Especially in the hot summer or in the car exposed for a long time, the ambient temperature of the lithium battery will be higher than its normal storage temperature. Therefore, when we use equipment containing lithium-ion batteries, we should try to avoid using them for a long time in an excessively high-temperature environment. Although the lithium battery will explode and burn for a relatively long time when it is directly used by fire. There will still be a sudden increase in its internal pressure, which is what we often call a bulge. When our mobile phone batteries or other lithium-ion batteries become swollen, we should immediately cut off the power and stop using them to prevent the internal pressure from further increasing, and replace them with new batteries.

The information is provided by the mobile phone battery manufacturer.

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