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What is a 21700 Lithium Battery? What Are the Advantages of 21700 Lithium Battery?

Many people have heard of 18650 batteries, but not necessarily 21700 batteries. So what is a 21700 battery? What are the advantages of the 21700 battery? The following 21700 lithium battery supplier Great Power will introduce you.

1. The meaning of 21700 lithium battery

The meaning of 21700 lithium battery actually usually refers to a cylindrical battery with an outer diameter of 21mm and a height of 70.0mm. Now companies in South Korea, China, the United States and other countries are using this model. At present, there are two popular 21700 batteries on sale, which are 4200mAh (21700 lithium battery) and 3750mAh (21700 lithium battery).

2. The origin of 21700 lithium battery

Speaking of the emergence of the 21700 battery, Tesla cannot but be mentioned. The 21700 battery was initially developed by Panasonic for the American Tesla company. Tesla announced the mass production of the new 21700 battery jointly developed with Panasonic, which will be produced at the Gigafactory. Tesla CEO said that the power density of the new 21700 battery is currently the highest energy density and lowest cost battery in the world, and the price will be more approachable. It can be said that the full use of the 21700 lithium rechargeable battery has entered a new stage of increasing the capacity of cylindrical batteries.

3. The advantages of 21700 lithium battery

(1) Lighter weight and larger vehicle space

The specific energy of the single cell is high, so the number of battery cells required for the same energy can be reduced by 1/3, and at the same time, the difficulty of system management is greatly reduced, and the number of metal structures and electrical accessories used in the battery is also reduced. Further strengthening greatly reduces the weight of the lithium battery. The specific energy of the whole vehicle will be partially improved.

(2) Have a better price/performance ratio

After choosing the 21700 lithium rechargeable battery, the number of battery cells will be greatly reduced. While greatly reducing the difficulty of system management, the number of accessories such as metal structural parts and conductive connectors selected for the battery pack will be reduced in the same proportion.

(3) The specific energy of the battery is greatly improved

The specific energy of the power battery unit is 300 watts per hour/kg, and the specific energy of the power battery system reaches 260 watts per hour/kg. The best 18650 batteries currently do not meet this technical requirement, and the relative density of most batteries is between 100 and 150 watts per hour/kg.

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