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What Are the Characteristics of Mobile Phone Battery Aging?

Mobile phone batteries will always have such problems: after a period of time, the battery will not be durable, the power will decay, the battery will consume power quickly, and the number of times of charging will be frequent. In fact, these are the characteristics of mobile phone batteries starting to age.

The batteries used in mobile phones are all lithium-ion batteries. Its working principle is that lithium ions travel in the electrolyte of the anode and cathode to generate current. The battery capacity refers to the number of lithium ions that the battery runs back and forth when charging and discharging. The electrode material of the mobile phone battery often breaks and decomposes, causing the metal ions to float to the opposite electrode, trapping the lithium ions, and the lithium ions cannot work normally after being trapped, so the battery capacity will also decrease, resulting in the mobile phone battery becoming more and more Can't save electricity.

There are many reasons for the aging of mobile phone batteries. One is natural aging. The mobile phone battery will have a fixed capacity when shipped from the factory. However, after a long period of use, the battery will be repeatedly charged and discharged, the battery capacity will decrease, and lithium-ion will also The process of detaching the anode by itself, and gradually aging the battery is very slow and irreversible.

The other is the aging of mobile phone batteries caused by inappropriate behaviors in daily use, such as overcharge and over-discharge, that is, the mobile phone battery is fully charged and continues to charge the fully charged battery. When the mobile phone battery is low, the battery is still used until the battery is exhausted. Both of these actions will accelerate the shedding of lithium ions in the battery, thereby consuming battery capacity and causing the aging of mobile phone batteries.

Mobile Phone Battery

If the battery temperature is too high or too low, the service life of the mobile phone battery will be affected. Continuous use of the mobile phone battery will heat the battery and cause the temperature to be too high. Therefore, when playing games or running other power-consuming programs, you need to pay attention to the heat dissipation of the battery and properly Control usage time. If the temperature of the battery is too low, the activity of lithium ions will also be reduced. The mobile phone is not suitable for working and charging at low temperatures. Forcible use will cause the loss of battery performance and accelerate the aging of mobile phone batteries.

It should be noted that excessively high charging current will cause particularly serious consequences for the consumer electronics battery, causing battery short circuits or explosions. In general, mobile phone batteries are equipped with protective plates to protect the mobile phone batteries, and the control current is too large, but the manufacturing process of some cottage batteries is difficult to meet the qualified specifications, and the quality is not guaranteed. It is easy to cause problems when used.

If the original battery of the mobile phone has deteriorated and needs to be replaced, it is best to choose a regular battery, so that it will be more guaranteed in quality and safety. In order to delay the aging of mobile phone batteries, it is also important to use the original charger to charge. At the same time, it is necessary to master the correct way of use, not to overcharge and discharge, to play the mobile phone while charging, and not to use it when the temperature is too high or too low. Mobile phone batteries, timely replacement after a battery problem, etc. Under normal circumstances, the aging phenomenon will occur after two or three years of use of the mobile phone battery, which is determined by the characteristics of lithium-ion, so there is no need to worry too much.

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