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The Five Major Driving Factors of the Battery Energy Storage Market

In recent years, the energy storage market has been attracting more and more attention. As a key component of energy storage systems, the development of energy storage cells determines the future prospects of the energy storage industry. So what are the driving factors for the battery energy storage market?

Cost and performance improvement of energy storage cells

Various forms of energy storage have existed for decades, so why is battery energy storage currently leading the pack? The most obvious answer is the decline in cost and improvement in performance, especially in advanced energy storage systems such as lithium-ion batteries. At the same time, the rise of lithium-ion batteries has also benefited from the expanding electric vehicle market.

Modernization of the grid with battery energy storage

The development of battery energy storage is closely related to the efforts made to modernize the grid. A digitalized grid supports production and consumer participation in intelligent system configuration, predictive maintenance, and self-repair, paving the way for implementing a tiered pricing structure. All of this creates opportunities for battery energy storage to increase capacity, peak shaving, or improve power quality. Although smart technology has existed for some time, the emergence of battery energy storage helps unleash its full potential.

Global renewable energy movement with battery energy storage

Widespread renewable energy and emission reduction support policies are also driving the global adoption of battery energy storage solutions. The crucial role that energy storage lithium batteries play in offsetting the intermittency of renewable energy and reducing emissions is evident. Various power users are pursuing clean energy, and the degree and universality of this trend continue to grow. This is particularly evident in enterprises and public sectors. This indicates the sustainable development of renewable energy and the possibility of further deployment of battery energy storage to assist in integrating more distributed energy.

Involvement of battery energy storage in the electricity wholesale market

Battery energy storage can help balance the grid with access to any power source and improve power quality. This indicates that the opportunity for battery energy storage to participate in the electricity wholesale market is growing globally. Almost all the countries we have analyzed are transforming their wholesale market structures to carve out a place for battery energy storage to provide capacity and auxiliary services such as frequency regulation and voltage control. Although these applications are still in the early stages, they have achieved varying degrees of success. Regulatory authorities in various countries are increasingly taking action to reward the contributions made by battery energy storage in balancing grid operations. For example, the National Energy Commission of Chile has drafted a new regulatory framework for ancillary services that recognizes the contributions that battery energy storage systems can make; Italy has also opened its ancillary services market as a pilot for renewable energy and storage projects as part of comprehensive regulatory reforms.

National policies for battery energy storage

For energy storage battery suppliers, national policies that promote various strategic objectives provide them with more opportunities. Many countries consider renewable energy + energy storage as a new way to help reduce their dependence on energy imports, improve the reliability and resilience of their power systems, and move towards environmental and decarbonization goals.

The development of energy storage is also benefiting from widespread policy authorizations related to urbanization and quality of life goals in developing countries. For example, India's Smart Cities Initiative uses a competitive challenge model to support the deployment of smart technologies in 100 cities nationwide. Its goal is to ensure an adequate power supply and achieve environmental sustainability. Electric vehicles, renewable energy, and battery energy storage are crucial for achieving these objectives.

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