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The Development of TWS Headphone Battery

With the gradual expansion of the TWS headset market, the TWS headset battery market has also become a new opportunity for lithium battery manufacturers.

The developing TWS headphone battery

First, let's understand what is TWS?TWS is the abbreviation of True Wireless Stereo, which means true wireless stereo sound. The application of TWS technology to Bluetooth headphones is TWS headphones. Compared with ordinary Bluetooth headphones, the most important feature of TWS headphones is that its two earbuds are free from the line and can be moved at will.

TWS headset needs a headset battery and a charging bin battery, which accounts for about 10%-20% of the total battery cost.

In terms of types, the mainstream TWS headset batteries on the market today are pin batteries as well as TWS earphone coin cell, Apple Airpods generation and second generation use pin batteries, Airpods PRO and other manufacturers of TWS mostly use button batteries, rechargeable bin batteries are mostly soft pack batteries.

TWS Earphone Coin Cell

Charging compartment batteries often used

There are two types of batteries often used in charging stations, namely polymer batteries and lithium cylinder batteries. Polymer batteries, or soft pack batteries as they are called in the industry, are similar to the batteries in cell phones and are the most common, and are characterized by their flexible size for customization. Cylindrical batteries are mainly lithium battery cells 18650 with a diameter of 18mm and a length of 65mm. Compared with ordinary polymer batteries, cylindrical batteries are characterized by a larger capacity, usually between 2200mAh-2600mAh.

In terms of capacity, with the increase of headphone noise-cancelling function for battery energy consumption, the capacity of headphone battery rises from about 50mAh in cylindrical era to 70~80mAh in button type; the capacity of rechargeable bin battery is usually 300~400mAh.

It is understood that the world's mainstream TWS headphones have used button batteries, button batteries will also become the future trend of TWS headset batteries.

Button battery demand surges and button battery small size, material costs, and production costs are lower, the gross margin is expected to reach 70%.

What are the advantages of button batteries?

First of all, the size of the button battery is easier to standardize, which is more useful in the era of smart wear and the Internet of Things. Such as Varta CP1254 (diameter 12mm, thickness 5.4mm) model button-type lithium batteries, by BOSE, Samsung and many other internationally renowned brands used. According to industry predictions, in addition to TWS headphones in the future, more wearable devices, IoT devices, will use button batteries.

Secondly, compared with the pin battery, the button battery energy density can increase by 10%, and the battery shape is conducive to assembly.

At present, Great Power, as a TWS earbuds battery manufacturer, has a number of independent core patented technologies.

Patent 1 (A coin cell case structure, coin cell and electrical equipment) This patent is undergoing PCT process followed by entering the relevant countries for product sales.

Patent 2 (A Li-MnO2 rechargeable coin cell negative case and cell) This is the first lithium manganese dioxide rechargeable battery patent in China.

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