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Standard Battery Modules for Base Station

A standard battery module for the base station includes a plurality of unit cells; A first barrier located between adjacent ones of the unit cells; A second barrier located between adjacent ones of the unit cells and spaced from the first barrier; and spacers located between the first barrier and the second barrier.


Parameters of Standard Battery Modules for Base Station

2Rated Voltage/V48
4Standard Discharge Current/A0.2C
5Max. Continuous Discharge Current1C
6Standard Charge Current0.2C
7Max. Continuous Charge Current1C
8Cycle Life≥1500
9Communication ModeRS232,RS485
10Operating Temperature RangeCharge0-45℃
11Applicable StandardUL,IEC62619,UN38.3

1Module Specifications12S2P (0.5C)8S3P (0.3C)
2Rack Series And Parallel180S2P (15 modules+1 high-pressure box)184S3P (23 modules+1 high-pressure box)
3System Series And Parallel180S12P (6 racks parallel)184S12P (4 racks parallel)
4Rated Capacity300Ah/1800Ah450Ah/1800Ah
5Rated VoltageDC576VDC588.8V
4Working Voltage Range450V~657V460V~671.6V
5Operating Voltage Range522V~639V533.6V~653.2V
6Rack Rated Energy172.8KWh264.96KWh
7System Rated Energy1036.8KWh1059KWh

Rechargeable Energy Storage System Competitive Edges

Rechargeable energy storage system developed by GREAT POWER is an ideal choice for large scale battery storage with loads of advantages:

  • Small size, high voltage, and big capacity--better traditional lead-acid battery replacement choice.

  • Standard server size that can be built-in 19-inch rack--save room.

  • Wide operating temperature range.

  • Long service life.

  • Independent development and production of single cells--make sure consistency performance of cells.

rechargeable energy storage system competitive edges
renewable energy storage systems competitive edges
smart energy storage systems competitive edges

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