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Square Aluminum Shell Battery

The advantages of this battery are that packaging is highly reliable, has high system energy efficiency, is relatively lightweight and has high energy density, the structure is simple and the capacity expansion is relatively convenient. When the capacity of monomer is large, the system structure is relatively simple, which makes it possible to monitor monomers one by one. Another benefit of simplicity is that the system is relatively stable.


Parameters of Square Aluminum Shell Battery

Nominal Capacity/Ah505060809095100100100100
Mini. Capacity/Ah505060809095100100100100
Internal Resistence/mΩ≤0.7≤0.7≤2.0≤0.7≤0.7≤2.0≤0.7≤0.7≤0.7≤0.7
Nominal Voltage/V3.

Pole Distance8168.570.570.575.568.568.570.568.575.5
Pole Screw Spec.M6 internal screwplate/studM8/studM8/plateplate/studM8/studM8/plateM8/studplate/studplate/stud
Cycle Life@80%≥3000≥3000≥3000≥3000≥3000≥1000≥4000≥3000≥3000≥3000
Max. Continuous Rate/C (C/D)1.0C/1.0C1.0C/1.0C1.0C/1.0C1.0C/1.0C1.0C/1.0C1.0C/1.0C1.0C/1.0C1.0C/1.0C1.0C/1.0C1.0C/1.0C
Charge Temperate Range0℃~45℃

Discharge Temperate Range/℃-20℃~55℃

Energy Storage System Application

In the application of energy storage systems, square aluminium shell battery is the mainstream application. In the design of the battery pack of the existing square aluminium shell energy storage system, the heat dissipation method generally adopts the metal surface of the square aluminium shell for heat dissipation.

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