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Security Alarm System Battery

Security Alarm System Battery

Security alarm system battery is widely used in the equipment of six major subsystems: video surveillance system, intrusion alarm system, entrance, and exit control system, electronic patrol system, explosion-proof system, and video intercom system; Great Power battery pack for alarm system have been unanimously recognized by customers and users inside and outside the industry. Since its establishment, it has been adhering to the business philosophy of technical quality and green energy to provide customers with overall power solutions. The production strictly complies with a complete quality assurance system and has passed a lot of certifications to ensure that our security panel battery is safe and reliable.

Security Alarm Battery For Sale


Li-MnO2 Primary Battery

The voltage of Li-MnO2 batteries is as high as 3V or more, which is twice that of ordinary batteries. For electrical appliances, this home security alarm battery means saving power supply space and reducing weight. Even after long-term discharge, it still maintains a stable working voltage, which greatly improves the reliability of security system equipment.
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Li-SOCl2 Lithium Battery

Li-SOCl2 Lithium Battery, a house alarm battery, can be applied to gas meter water meter heat meter electricity meter smoke alarmist li-socl2 + super capacitor etc.
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Li-FeS2 Cell

Li-FeS2 cell, an alarm battery pack, characteristics sufficiency in power: actual discharge capacity is much higher than that of alkaline and carbon primary cells light in quality: lightest quality among primary batteries.
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Zinc-air Cell

Zinc-air battery, is a kind of primary battery for house alarm system that uses activated carbon to adsorb oxygen or pure oxygen in the air as a positive electrode active material.
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Advantages Of Great Power Wireless Security Alarm Battery

Strong Voltage
Strong Voltage

The wireless alarm battery for sale can provide strong voltage for various industrial equipment and medical equipment to ensure the safety and smooth and orderly operation of the equipment. As we all know, industrial equipment and medical equipment require strong voltage to maintain smooth operation. Therefore, the strong voltage of the battery is very important to the operation efficiency of the equipment. As one of the most professional alarm battery suppliers, the security equipment battery provided by our company has strong voltage and high quality, which is your best choice.

Economy And Environmental Protection
Economy And Environmental Protection

The battery for home security system is economical and environmentally friendly and is not harmful to the environment. In addition, as the country vigorously advocates energy conservation and emission reduction, battery for security alarm system has strengthened the recycling and utilization of waste batteries. Therefore, the batteries we produce will be recycled and reused, so as to truly save resources.

Excellent Working Performance Under High-speed Motion
Excellent Working Performance Under High-speed Motion

The security alarm battery can be used in a motion state of up to 2000G (equivalent to a car driving speed of 300 km/h); Some industrial machines will work in high-speed motion, thus the battery of that industrial machine is very important to ensure their operation. 

Wireless Alarm Battery Performance Introduction

  • For Safety Considerations

    As a wireless alarm battery, its parameters such as voltage, internal resistance, capacity, energy, and power all are higher than the general standard. What's more, the wireless alarm battery pack as a whole also has several safety-related indicators that will be continuously monitored such as the outputs positive and negative resistance to ground, system leakage current, high-voltage interlock signal, system maximum, and minimum temperature, rise rate, etc.

  • To Achieve The Purpose of Active Control

    For example, the battery cell voltages are not consistent, which reduces the energy storage capacity of the system. If the cell voltages of the two poles can be actively adjusted, the system capacity can be enlarged.

Security System Battery Replacement

If your low battery indicator indicates that you have a low battery charge, you need to replace the security panel battery for your home alarm system. The role of the battery pack for alarm system is to keep the it running in case of power failure. So, how to complete the replacement of the security system battery?

1. Position the battery of the alarm system

First, you need to check the size and shape of the current battery, so that you can make sure that you are buying the correct replacement battery. Most wired alarm systems install backup batteries in metal cabinets in the basement or wiring room.

2. Replace the battery for the alarm system

When replacing the backup battery for the alarm system, first, disconnect the alarm system. There is usually a power plug near the junction box.

3. Disconnect the old battery

When you disconnect the old alarm system battery, note which line is connected to the positive (positive) end of the battery, and which line connects to the negative (negative) end of the battery.

4. Turn on the alarm system battery again

When you have connected the new alarm battery pack, return the power to the alarm system by replugging in the system or reopening the circuit breaker.

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