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Power Tool Battery

Power Tool Battery

Power tool battery has been being widely used in industrial and civilian small electrical appliances. The advantages of it are mainly four points, that is, high energy density, high working voltage, long service life and wide working temperature range. The most obvious benefit of going with 18650 vs 21700 lithium rechargeable battery is that the extra density means there's more available energy in them to run your tools and gear longer. The cell of the 18650s has been grown to 1000 million and that of 21700s has grown to 200 thousand in 2020.

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LTSC Lithium Iron Large Cylindrical Battery

Cylindrical lithium batteries, as the name suggests, feature electrodes that are encased in a cylindrical cell that is wound very tightly within a specially designed metal casing.
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Advantages of Power Tool Battery

Premium Battery Pack
Premium Battery Pack

Our power tool lithium battery adopts advanced technology, which can not only achieve lower internal loss, but also achieve the superb current medium design; Our power tool battery ensures lower energy loss in the process of charging and using, and the higher efficiency is guaranteed during the process.

Efficient Transmission Speed
Efficient Transmission Speed

Another characteristic of our power tool lithium battery is charging fast! Because of the fast charging technology, the battery can be recharged at any time regardless of the current state of the battery; The fast lithium battery charger can charge up to 75% of the battery in 50% of the charging time.

Lightweight Design
Lightweight Design

Thanks to the design of high-density energy, our power tool lithium battery is of high performance; Our high-quality power tool battery is 40% lighter than the normal nickel-cadmium/nickel-metal hydride battery of the same size, and it is more powerful, very easy to carry, a really good helper!  

Power Tool Battery Performance Introduction

  • High Rated Voltage

    Its single working voltage is 3.7V or 3.2V, about or equal to the series voltage of 3 nickel-cadmium or nickel-hydrogen rechargeable batteries, easy to form battery power supply group; Our lithium battery for power tools can be adjusted to 3.0V by a new lithium battery voltage regulator technology, suitable for the use of small appliances.

  • High Power Bearing Capacity

    Our power tool lithium battery has a high power bearing capacity, among which the lithium iron phosphate lithium-ion battery used for electric vehicles can reach the charging and discharging capacity of 15-30C, and it is very convenient for the high-intensity startup acceleration compared with other batteries.

  • Higher Energy And Low Self-discharge Rate

    It has a high storage energy density, which has reached 460-600wh/kg, about 6-7 times that of lead-acid batteries; The self-discharge rate of our power tool lithium battery is very low, which is one of the most prominent advantages of the battery, and generally, it can do less than 1%/ month.

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