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Polymer Soft Pack Battery

Polymer Soft Pack Battery

Softpack batteries literally cover a liquid, soft-liquid lithium-ion battery with a polymer shell. One of the biggest differences with other batteries is to use aluminium composite membrane as the batteries of the battery packaging material, for the soft package of batteries, soft package battery on structure, its safety performance is good, above the volume, lightweight, and inherit the advantages of large capacity, small internal resistance, design flexible begin to show its advantages.

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Advantages of Polymer Soft Pack Battery

Thickness of Polymer Soft Pack Battery
Thickness of Polymer Soft Pack Battery

The general liquid lithium battery chooses to customize the shell first, and then plug the positive and negative materials. The thickness can only be 4mm, while the polymer cell does not exist this problem, the thickness of polymer soft pack battery can be less than 2mm, fitting the ultra-thin mobile phone.

Battery Capacity of Polymer Soft Pack Battery
Battery Capacity of Polymer Soft Pack Battery

Polymer soft pack battery has high capacity and can be planned according to the needs of different sizes, shapes and capacity parameters, etc. It is the first choice for color screen mobile phones and MMS mobile phones, and the new color screen and MMS mobile phone on the market at present also use polymer cell.  

Weight of Polymer Soft Pack Battery
Weight of Polymer Soft Pack Battery

The weight of polymer soft pack battery is 50% lighter than steel shell lithium battery of equal capacity specification; The weight of polymer soft pack battery is 30% lighter than aluminum shell battery. Polymer soft pack batteries can make portable electronic products lighter and more convenient.

Polymer Soft Pack Battery Performance Introduction

  • Safety Function of Polymer Soft Pack Battery

    The polymer lithium-ion battery is in the structure of aluminum-plastic soft packaging, but different from the metal shell of the liquid cell, which once found a safety hazard, the liquid cell will explode, while polymer cell at most will only gas drum, so the function of polymer lithium-ion battery is guaranteed.  

  • Internal Resistance of Polymer Soft Pack Battery

    Domestic resistance can be done today below 40 m, reducing the battery power consumption and extending the standby time of mobile phone; can reach to the level of the world, and can also support the battery discharge of machine backup power supply with remote control model. It has replaced the part of the new energy source of nimh batteries.  

  • Discharge Function And Safety Performance of Polymer Soft Pack Battery

    Polymer battery adopts colloidal electrolyte, and the colloidal electrolyte has stable discharge characteristics and a higher discharge platform; The lithium-polymer battery has a unique configuration, and its proprietary aluminum packaging will not cause an explosion even in the event of a safety hazard.

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