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New EV Battery

Great Power's New EV Battery

In recent years, new energy vehicles have developed rapidly, as the main source of power for electric vehicles, new EV batteries are an important key component to promote the development of new energy vehicles. Great Power's new EV lithium-ion battery bulk has gone through a long development process, so there is no need to worry about the quality. In 2002, Great Power took the lead in owning the patent of lithium-ion soft-pack polymer battery, laying the foundation for the industry's lithium-ion application.

As a professional electric vehicle battery factory, we provide different EV battery types, such as lithium electric bus battery packs, anti-dust car lithium battery, truck lithium battery and so on.

New Energy Power Cells

Great Power's new energy cell material types mainly include LFP, composite lithium, NCM, LiFePO4, LMO. New energy power cells have a long cycle life.
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Battery Pack System

The battery pack system uses a mechanical structure to connect many individual cells in series and parallel, and considers the system's mechanical strength, thermal management, BMS matching, and other issues. Its main technology is embodied in the overall structure design, welding and processing process control, protection level, active thermal management system, etc.
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Strengths of Great Power New EV Battery

  • 01

    The upstream of new EV batteries are battery materials, and the direct material cost accounts for more than 80% of the cost of power battery cells. Therefore, battery materials are one of the keys to battery cost reduction. Great Power has established a complete and reliable supply chain system and equipment system to guarantee the quality of new EV battery types.

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    As a leading lithium-ion battery supplier in China, Great Power has a very strong efficiency advantage in the management, structure, company relations, and the main business system and mechanism, which plays a core role in the company's new energy battery innovation, expansion, cost reduction, research and development, and supporting facilities. The resulting production capacity, cost, and R&D iterations can be solidified as core competitiveness.

Function of Great Power New EV Battery

  • Fast Charge Function

    The fast charging function is gradually becoming the standard of new energy mid-to-high-end models, fast charging technology is also becoming the focus of a new round of competition for new EV  battery manufacturers, and fast charging of power batteries has become a new "trend" in the new energy industry.

  • Charging Protection

    When the new EV battery is fully charged, it will stop charging by itself and protect the battery.

Productivity of Great Power New EV Battery

Fast Charge Function

In 2018, Great Power's new energy EV battery capacity was 5.8gwh, in 2019, it was 9.5gwh, and in 2020, it was 11gwh. Every year, Great Power's new EV battery production capacity is continuously increasing. Therefore, Great Power's production strength should not be underestimated.

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