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Lithium Iron Phosphate Soft Pack Battery

The main advantages of the lithium iron phosphate rechargeable battery cells are good safety performance. When there is a safety problem, the battery can only inflate and crack.

Lightweight: The soft-pack battery weighs 40 percent less than a steel-clad lithium-ion battery of the same capacity and 20 percent less than an aluminum-clad battery. 

High capacity: the capacity of the soft-pack battery is 10~15% higher than that of the steel shell battery of the same size and 5~10% higher than that of the aluminum shell battery.

Low inner resistance: the internal resistance of the soft pack battery is lower than that of the lithium battery. 

Good cycle performance: the cycle life of the soft-pack lithium-ion battery for electric bike is longer, 100 times of cycle attenuation is 4% ~ 7% less than that of the aluminum shell flexible design: the shape of this square type battery can be customized according to customer needs and new cell models can be developed. 


Lithium Iron Phosphate Soft Pack Battery Application

Soft pack lithium battery is mainly used in equipment with requirements on weight and compact space, such as unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned vehicles, intelligent robots and portable devices.

lithium iron phosphate soft pack battery application
lithium phosphate battery application
lithium phosphate battery cell application

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