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Lightweight Battery

Great Power's Lightweight Battery

Great Power's lightweight battery is mainly composed of power tool batteries, electric bike batteries, and other lightweight batteries. The lightweight battery has been widely used in industrial and civil small electrical appliances. Great Power's lightweight battery has a maximum continuous charging current of 6A. It is mainly used in scooters and energy storage. 

Power Tool Battery

Power tool batteries are more excellent in performance, and they can be charged and discharged normally at -20°C to 55°C. Great Power's power tool batteries are mainly composed of 18650 and 21700 batteries.
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Electric Bike Battery

Electric two-wheelers are a means of transportation that provide travel services for residents, so the electric bike battery is very important. Great Power's electric bike battery is safe, environmentally friendly, and has a long life. Electric bike batteries have ultra-thin characteristics, are lightweight, flexible in size, flexible shape, and can adapt to a variety of applications.
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Other Lightweight Battery

Great Power's other lightweight battery categories include car emergency batteries, drone batteries, and so on. Great Power provides quality assurance for other lightweight batteries.
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Strengths of Great Power Lightweight Battery

  • 01

    The lightweight battery can handle many charge/discharge cycles. In the case of the same number of cycles, the greater the ratio of the retention capacity to the first discharge capacity, the better the cycle performance of the battery.

  • 02

    It has a high energy density, which is twice that of a nickel-cadmium battery.

  • 03

    There is no memory effect. Therefore, there is no need to fully discharge them before charging.

Function of Great Power Lightweight Battery

  • High Efficiency Output

    Lightweight battery standard discharge is 2~5C, continuous high current discharge can reach 10C, instant pulse discharge (10S) can reach 20C.

  • Stable Output Voltage

    For power tools, the voltage of the lightweight battery is very important. Once the voltage is unstable, it will cause safety hazards. Great Power's lightweight battery voltage is stable.

  • The Battery is Not Damaged When Over-discharged

    After being stored, the Great Power lightweight battery has no leakage and good performance.

Productivity of Great Power Lightweight Battery

Sufficiency in Capacity

Great Power's lightweight battery production capacity was 310k/day in 2018, 930k/day in 2019, and 1200k/day in 2020. Great Power is confident that it will do better and better in terms of productivity improvement.

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