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Household Energy Storage System

The maximum operating power is 3kw/5kw. These are several types of household energy storage systems with different rated energy. One of the types of household energy storage systems is The 5.8WKh and 23 WKh. This battery-based energy storage system is mainly used with solar panels outside which is environmentally friendly. And its working temperature range of this solar storage system is wide from -20 to 60 °C. The maximum continuous output power of the single machine is 5KW. The competitive edges of it are that quick storage retrofit on existing PV plant, compatible with all inverter brands, built-in 5.1kWh lithium battery (extendable), with UPS function, switch time≤10ms and easy setting of various working modes.


Parameters of Household Energy Storage System

AS1-3KS-5.1 (Master Unit)
1Total Energy Capacity/Wh5120
2Battery Capacity/Ah100
3Rated Voltage/V51.2
4Voltage Range/V42-58.5
4Cycle Life≥6000
5Max. Charge Current/A60
6Max. Discharge Current/A60
7ScalabilityYes (up to 20.4kWh)
8Max. Continuable Output Power/VA3000
9Communication ModeWi-Fi/4G/Ethernet (Optional)
10Applicable StandardAS 4777.2 VDE 4105, G98, C10/C11, CEI0-21, IEC62619, IEC62040

1Total Energy Capacity/Wh5120
2Available Capacity/Wh4600
3Rated Voltage/V51.2
4Voltage Range/V42-58.5
6Cycle Life≥6000
7Max. Charge Current/A60
8Max. Discharge Current/A60
9Operating Temperature Range-10°C-50°C
10Applicable StandardUN38.3 IEC 62619

1Total Energy Capacity/Wh5120
2Single Battery Capacity/Ah100
3Rated Voltage/V48
5Cycle Life≥4000
6Max. Charge Current1C
7Max. Discharge Current1C
8ScalabilityYes (up to 48kWh)
9Size (H*W*D*, mm)628*198*528mm

How Does Household  Solar Batteries Work?

Ess battery technology was first introduced in 1970s.In general, solar energy storage is difficult and the advent of ESS helps to solve this.GREAT POWER battery storage solutions provide the most optimal solar energy storage solution for the users using our system of solar power and battery storage with premium quality.

Lithium ion storage battery can achieve solar energy storage by capturing any unused solar energy generated in the day and then use it for the night so as to keep a household running for the nighttime use.

If you take interest in household energy storage, do contact us for more information.

Household Energy Storage System Competitive Edges

A household energy storage system is currently divided into two kinds, grid-connected and off-grid. A grid-connected household energy storage system is mixed-powered by solar and the energy storage system, including five parts: solar array, grid-connected inverter, BMS (battery management system), battery pack and AC load.

Quick storage retrofit on existing PV plants.

Compatible with all inverter brands.

Built-in 5.1kWh lithium battery (extendable).

With UPS function, switch time≤10ms.

Easy setting of various working modes.

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