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Electric Bike Battery

Electric Bike Battery

The electric bike battery with the lithium-ion cell is smaller with high capacity, the most important point is that its long service life and good safety performance. Other advantages include high energy density, wide working temperature range.

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Lithium Iron Phosphate Soft Pack Battery

Soft-pack lithium-ion batteries are liquid lithium-ion batteries with a polymer shell. In the structure of aluminum plastic film packaging, in the case of security risks, the soft battery will only blow up.
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Advantages of Eletctric bike Battery

Durability/Battery Life
Durability/Battery Life

Lead-acid batteries generally have a service life of about 2 years, while our electric bike lithium batteries are more durable, with a life of 4-5 years. In addition, the lead-acid battery has a complete charge and discharge cycle of 300 times, while the lithium battery has a complete charge and discharge cycle of more than 500 times.  

Volume Mass/Easy Operation
Volume Mass/Easy Operation

Compared with the light body of our electric bike lithium battery which is only 2.5/3 kg, the weight of lead-acid batteries with the same capacity is about 16/30 kg; Compared with lead-acid cars, which are difficult to move, lithium trams are detachable and easier to ride and carry.

Environmental Protection And No Memory Effect
Environmental Protection And No Memory Effect

Our lithium battery for electric bikes is relatively more environmentally friendly in production; When customers charge lead-acid batteries and nickel batteries, they often worry about the memory effect of batteries, while our high-quality electric bike lithium batteries do not bring any memory effect.

Eletctric bike Battery Performance Introduction

  • Dynamic Performance

    The dynamic performance of lithium-ion battery electric bicycle is similar to that of lead-acid battery. Charging for 6 to 8 hours, our electric bike battery can run about 30 to 45 kilometers according to the battery capacity, but the weight of our high-quality electric bike battery is only 1/5 of the lead-acid battery.  

  • Characteristic of No Activation

    Our lithium battery for the electric bikes has the characteristic of no activation. And only through 3-5 normal charge and discharge cycles, our electric battery can be activated to the normal capacity. So there is no need for you to use special methods or equipment during the activation process of a new lithium battery.

  • With Longer Range And Longer Service Life

    Lithium battery is smaller and lighter, and it is a water electrolysis liquid battery. As the lithium battery is with high energy storage, usually several times that of lead-acid battery, so under the same volume and weight, the lithium battery is more durable than lead-acid batteries, with a longer range and longer service life.

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