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Consumer Electronics Battery

Great Power's Consumer Electronics Battery

Consumer electronics batteries have the advantages of stable discharge voltage, large capacity, wide operating temperature range, low self-discharge rate, long storage life, no memory effect, and no environmental pollution. It is an excellent energy source. Two other important advantages are moldability and lighter weight. The plasticity of the appearance makes the digital products not limited by the volume of the battery, and can be made more compact; The lighter weight of lithium ion batteries can make the digital products more portable.

Personal Care Battery

Great Power personal care battery uses the cylindrical lithium battery. A cylindrical lithium battery is a battery that does not require a rolling groove process, is simple to prepare, and has high efficiency and low cost.
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Bluetooth Earphone Battery

At present, the annual production capacity of Great Power Bluetooth earphone batteries is 60 million, and the monthly output is 3.3K. Great Power's latest research and production of rechargeable button batteries have 6 own patents, and it has become a supplier of many TWS headset brands at home and abroad.
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Security Alarm System Battery

Security system batteries include li-mno2 and lithium thionyl chloride batteries. Great Power security system battery introduces advanced full inspection equipment, performs a full perspective inspection of the battery cell, high-standard control, automatic identification of bad batteries, so customers can use it with ease and comfort.
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Polymer Soft Pack Lithium Battery

Polymer soft pack batteries have a high capacity, and different sizes, shapes, and capacity parameters can be planned according to requirements. They are the first choice for color screen mobile phones and MMS mobile phones. Now, most of the new color screens and MMS mobile phones on the market also use polymer batteries.
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Strengths of Great Power Consumer Electronics Battery

  • 01

    As a lithium-ion battery supplier, Great Power consumer electronics batteries have long cycle life and excellent safety performance. At the same time, it is also a relatively environmentally friendly battery.

  • 02

    Great Power consumer electronics batteries have excellent high-rate discharge performance, which can meet the maximum discharge rate of 60C, with uniform discharge, strong continuity, safety, and reliability.

  • 03

    It is specially designed for small digital products, with large specific energy, safe and reliable, customized, and strong plasticity.

Function of Great Power Consumer Electronics Battery

  • Overcharge Protection

    After the battery is assembled with the 3G protection board, please use the original charger to fully charge the battery pack, and then use a 60V charger to charge the 48V battery pack, or use a 48V charger to charge the 36V battery pack. The device turns green, and then the red and green lights flash alternately, the battery pack enters the overcharge protection state, and it is equalized and repaired.

  • Thermal Runaway Protection

    When charging the battery pack, the voltage is greater than 13.5V/12V, and the 3G digital chip is heated with a hairdryer. When the temperature reaches about 55°C, the charger will turn green and enter the thermal runaway protection.

  • Recover The Capacity of The Old Battery

    Charge the battery pack with a charger higher than the rated voltage of 12V. Under normal circumstances, the repair time is 36-48 hours, which can achieve the ideal capacity recovery effect.

Productivity of Great Power Consumer Electronics Battery

Sufficiency in Capacity

The existing capacity is about 8GWh; Changzhou GP plans to invest 1 billion(RMB) in the first phase with the aim of adding about 2GWh of capacity, which will go into operation in early 2020.

Sufficiency in the production line: covers three major product categories, has 40 production lines total.

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