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Bluetooth Earphone Battery

Bluetooth Earphone Battery

Structure with high security and efficient use of space makes cell capacity higher than domestic peer corporations. Advanced materials technology platform satisfies the requirements of 3~5C fast charge and 4.35V high voltage performance. A production capacity of 13000 pcs/day can meet the demand of big deals. Advanced automatic production from a large-scale screw feeder system to a fully automatic screening system in packaging can ensure product consistency effectively. The mature supporting TS16949 system helps quality control of products throughout the whole process. A smart factory's information platform capable of human-machine collaboration can realize real-time quality data collection through the production process, in-time control and post hoc analysis.

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Advantages of Bluetooth Earphone Battery

Stable Quality
Stable Quality

The Bluetooth earphone battery is manufactured through 20 processes and passes IQC self-inspection. We guarantee the quality of the battery and provide long shelf life. Due to its good quality, consumers do not need to replace batteries frequently, saving cost and time. At the same time, the high-quality battery performance ensures the good operation of the equipment and improves the customer experience.

Sufficient Capacity
Sufficient Capacity

Our Bluetooth earphone battery boasts sufficient power capacity, 10% higher than peers. Our company has strict quality control and power testing for our products because sufficient capacity is the basis of battery quality assurance. Sufficient capacity determines battery performance, battery life, and usage cost. Our company provides a battery capacity that is 10% higher than that of its peers, providing customers with the best battery performance.

Long Service Life
Long Service Life

The energy-generating ring technology can lock the power delivery rate of 99.9999%, and the service life is 20% higher than that of its peers. The batteries are consumables, so their service life is very important to the customer's usage. The long-term service life provided by our company not only saves costs for consumers, but also is non-toxic, non-polluting, and has a long service life that is in line with the current trend of energy-saving and emission reduction.

Bluetooth Earphone Battery Performance Introduction

  • Wide Working Temperature Range

    The Bluetooth earphone battery has a wide working temperature range: -40+125℃; Rechargeable battery working temperature: -20+60℃; Primary battery working temperature: -20+60℃; The wide working temperature range not only meets various temperature environments but also has good performance to ensure the efficient operation of the machine.

  • Special Sealing Technology

    The product boasts excellent leak-proof performance due to special sealing technology to effectively avoid battery leakage even at high temperatures. The excellent leak-proof performance guarantees the safety of the batter so that consumers can buy with confidence and use it safely. At the same time, the special sealing process adopted by our company is also conducive to improving battery performance.

  • Excellent Low Temperature Performance

    This kind of Bluetooth earphone battery has excellent low-temperature performance, because of special active materials and processes, which can effectively release electric energy even at lower temperatures; For example, it can be used in low-temperature venues, and can still support equipment operations for many workers, such as working in high mountain and plateau and divers working underwater.

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