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Great Power is one of the battery manufacturers covering the most extensive product range in the domestic market, which has comprehensive development in consumer electronics, light-weighted power, energy storage, and NEV, promises a strong ability to resist cyclical risks.

Our main products include consumer electronics,such as smartphones, tablets, computers, power banks, security, Iot, E-cigarette, lamp, ETC, TWS earphones, bluetooth devices, and wearable devices, NEV, such as low-speed vehicles, passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, bus, E-ship and 48V micro-hybrid power system, energy storage, such as UPS, stationary power, portable power, household energy storage, grid, large-scale industrial and commercial energy storage, and light-weighted power, such as Power tool, e-bike, e-motorcycle, start power, scooter, sweeper, vacuum cleaner and drone.

Consumer Electronics Battery

Great Power has many types of consumer electronics batteries, such as Bluetooth earphone batteries, security system batteries, personal care batteries, and so on.

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Lightweight Battery

The feeding system of the lightweight battery realizes a fully automatic feeding system, high cleanliness, low humidity control, high-precision metering system control, and precise high-quality element filtering. In the field of light power products.

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Energy Storage System Battery

It has a long service life, which is generally about 5 years. Great Power energy storage system battery mainly includes two major blocks: energy storage cells and energy storage systems.

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New EV Battery

Great Power proposed a development strategy with passenger cars, passenger cars, and special vehicles, and established a stable supply chain system with a number of vehicle companies.

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Great Power's High Quality Lithium Batteries

High Energy Density LFP

Energy density >185wh/kg achieved 500km battery range.

Sodium-ion Battery

High rate and cost performance, long life, excellent low-temperature performance.

Graphene-based Battery

Innovative battery technology, scalable and foldable.

TWS Buds Coin Cell

Own-patented, 4.45V/3C fast charge can reach 800 cycle times with 80% capacity retained.

LFP Low Temperature Super Conductive

Suitable at -20℃, battery range better than NCM.

Ultra-fast Charge Battery

Fast-charge (2-hours or less).

Fast Charge

8min charge, 400km range/6, full-tab cylindrical battery, new package structure, 20Ah/cell.

48V Micro-hybrid Power System

Reduces 10%-15%oil consumption, high security performance, low cost.


Advanced Equipment of Great Power Lithium Batteries

High Resolution TEM of Lithium Battery
High Resolution TEM of Lithium Battery
EV-ARC of Lithium Battery
EV-ARC of Lithium Battery
Flex SEM 1000 of Lithium Battery
Flex SEM 1000 of Lithium Battery
Electrochemical Workstation of Lithium Battery
Electrochemical Workstation of Lithium Battery
ICP 7200 of Lithium Battery
ICP 7200 of Lithium Battery
Raman Spectrometer of Lithium Battery
Raman Spectrometer of Lithium Battery

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