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Portable Energy Storage Box Has Become a New Way of Consumption

Portable energy storage box has become a new way of consumption in the new energy storage industry market. Consumer trends such as safe travel and outdoor activities are on the rise, and "short-distance self-driving", "picnic camping", "outdoor live aerial photography", and "stall economy" have become upsurges. At present, there are more and more outdoor work and personal electricity, and the demand for outdoor 220V mobile portable UPS power supply has surged.

New energy storage boxes are also called portable energy storage boxes or outdoor mobile power packs. Usually refers to some mobile power supplies or emergency power supplies with a weight of no more than 20kg, which mainly uses AC output and DC output as the main charging ports. The diversified functions of such products provide outdoor users with power, lighting and other uses to enrich outdoor living.

The field of portable energy storage boxes is very wide. It can not only be used in homes, but also in the fields of office, photography, travel, fire control, medical treatment, rescue, communications, exploration, construction, camping, mountaineering, military forces, etc., they all can become a potential consumer for this product's vigorous development. The portable energy storage box can be used not only as a P.T.O. power source for automobiles, but also as an emergency power source for modern families, as a power source for field precision instrument surveying and mapping and for military equipment field power supply, or as an emergency power source for a hospital operating room.

As a small outdoor portable energy storage device, portable outdoor power supplies have gradually become the potential for market development. When going out for fun and outdoor battery life, the portable "outdoor UPS power supply" has undoubtedly become the best choice for customers.

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