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Lithium Battery Research And Development

Lithium-ion Battery Technical Support
Lithium Battery Technology
Lithium Battery Technology

China's first lithium battery factory developed and commercialized Ni-MH 1800mAh battery.

China's first enterprise that developed polymer Li-ion battery (with patent).

China's first and world's second enterprise that developed Li-FeS2 battery.

Industry-leading high safety compound system.

China's first enterprise industrialized Zinc-Air battery (without Mercury).

Wide temperature range, multi-functional complex electrolyte technology.

Lithium Battery PACK Technology
Lithium Battery PACK Technology

Leading standardized box design.

Leading group rate.

Reliable strength design, using advanced CAE analysis to achieve strength and lightweight balance.

R & D Strength

R & D Strength
Great Power always adheres to the leading technology with continuous R & D investment

01: 8 R&D Centers

02: 800+ professional development and technical personnel

03: State Level R&D Platform

04: 10+ cooperation with top universities/institutions in the field of electrochemistry

05: 300+ patents

State Level

Post-doctoral Research Center

Province Level

Guangdong Provincial Enterprise Technology Center

High performance lithium battery engineering Tech Research Center

Municipal Level

Guangzhou Rechargeable Battery R&D Center

Zhuhai Key Enterprise Technology Center

Latest R&D Achievements of Lithium Battery


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