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According to different lithium battery applications, li-ion batteries are mainly divided into consumer lithium batteries, power batteries, and energy storage batteries. From the perspective of its development, lithium-ion batteries were primarily used in the 3C field at an earlier stage, referred to as consumer lithium batteries. With the development of technology and the continuous improvement of battery performance, lithium-ion batteries are gradually being used to provide power for electric tools, electric vehicles, and other types of vehicles, namely power batteries. As a professional lithium-ion battery supplier in China, Great Power can provide our customers with mature lithium battery solutions in accordance with the needs of different industries. Feel free to contact us at any time.

Great Power Lithium Battery Solutions for All Your Needs

Lithium Battery Used in Energy Storage System
Lithium battery energy storage system development has growth prospects. In the future, application scenarios such as grid-connected downstream renewable energy, electric vehicles and 5G base stations will contribute to the development of the lithium battery solutions.
Consumer mobile electronic products that use lithium-ion batteries as a driving power source have been widely used in all aspects of life. With people's pursuit of scientific and technological life and fast life, there is also a higher demand for lithium-ion applications in consumer electronics.
Lithium Battery Used in Consumer Electronics
Lithium-ion power battery as the most critical core component of new energy vehicles has directly affected the performance of new energy vehicles, including the range, safety, service life, charging time, and high and low-temperature adaptability of new energy vehicles; At the same time. The cost of energy vehicles accounts for about 40% of the cost of the entire vehicle.
Power batteries are the heart of light power vehicles and the key to the development of the new energy vehicle industry. Since 2004, China has proposed to actively carry out the research and industrialization of new types of power such as electric vehicles and automotive power batteries, which have accelerated the promotion of power lithium batteries in light power.
Lithium Battery Used in Light Power Industry

Great Power focuses on the lithium battery industry trends, using the latest technology to produce high-quality products.

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