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Is It True that Fast Charging Destroys the Battery?

The battery life of a new energy vehicle is about 10 years, and it is expensive to replace a battery. New energy vehicles refer to the use of unconventional vehicle fuels as the power source (or the use of conventional vehicle fuels, the use of new on-board power devices), the integration of advanced technologies in-vehicle power control and driving, and the formation of advanced technical principles and cars with new technology and new structure.

Does fast charging destroy the battery? This importantly depends on battery density, battery material, battery temperature, and BMS (Battery Pack Management System). Among them, battery density, material, and temperature determine the speed of fast charging, and BMS is the core component that controls fast charging. When charging an electric vehicle, the battery management system BMS on the electric vehicle will estimate the state of charge (StateofCharge, the remaining battery power) of the power lithium battery pack, and automatically adjust the charging current according to the condition of the battery pack to ensure that the remaining battery power is maintained at Within a reasonable range, prevent damage to the battery due to overcharge or over-discharge.

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Therefore, during the fast charging of electric vehicles, after the input current and voltage are controlled by the battery management system BMS, the damage to the battery caused by the fast charging can be reduced as low as possible. In a limited time (the warranty time of each car’s battery is different), these damages are negligible.

Many new energy car owners worry that the use of fast charging will affect the battery life when the temperature is too high in summer. In fact, the battery management system BMS of many electric vehicles will protect the lightweight car battery. For example, Tesla will keep the temperature of the battery in a reasonable range and will not overheat it, so fast charging in summer will not necessarily accelerate The battery is dead.

In a word, the battery management system BMS adjusts the balance of electronics in the battery, battery temperature, charging voltage and current, and other factors during fast charging, so that the battery pack will not suffer too much damage, which means that during the battery pack warranty period, Owners of pure electric vehicles can use fast charging with confidence.

However, it should be noted that if fast charging has been used, it will affect the battery life of electric vehicles. The cycle life of the battery is certain. In slow charging, the cycle life of the battery can usually reach more than 3000 times, and if it is always fast charging, the cycle life will be shortened to about a thousand times or even lower.

The above information is provided by Great Power, a professional lithium-ion battery supplier in China.

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