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How to Pick the Right Battery?

OK, so you have a project and now you want to power it off of a battery, how do you choose the best setup?

Is your project very power-hungry? Projectors, large sound systems, and motorized projects all draw on the order of amps of current! You'll want to go with lantern cells (one-time use) or lead-acid batteries (rechargable). If you are planning to be somewhat 'abusive' to the battery (heavy usage, running it down all the way) you may want to look at "marine deep cycle" batteries.

Is your project super-small, like an inch on each side? You're going to have to go with a lithium coin cell (one-time use) or little polymer soft pack lithium battery like the ones used for tiny RC planes.

Lithium Polymer Cells

Here are some other very popular cases:

Do you need to make a lot of these things? Go with inexpensive alkaline batteries in popular sizes.

Need to be user-serviceable? 9V or AA size batteries are universal!

5V input necessary? 3 Alkaline (4.5V) or 4 NiMH cells (4.8V) will get you pretty close - check your circuit to see if it'll run at these slightly lower voltages

Making a 'rechargeable battery pack'? Use a battery holder from your local hobby/electronics/repair shop and stick with NiMH batteries, then recharge them with a high quality charger.

Want to replace alkalines with rechargeables? Test to make sure that the lower voltage won't make the device unhappy.

Need to stack lithium battery bulk? Remember to stack batteries only if they have matching C and Ah capability, if you stack a 9V and a AA to make 10.5V the 9V will drain in 1/10th the time leaving you with 1.5V.

Want your rechargable batteries to last a long time? Use a high-quality charger that has sensors to maintain proper charging and trickle charging. A cheap charger will kill off your cells.

What is this Lithium-ion Battery Use?

  1. Smart Meter(gas, heat, water, electricity, etc.)

  2. Security Monitoring(alarm, safe box, electric access control, etc.)

  3. Medical Supplies(medical equipment, human body detector, etc.)

  4. Electronics(FRID, remote control, etc.)

  5. Militaria(mine, torpedo, radar, NVG, etc.)

  6. Tracking(tracker, buoy, life jacket, etc.)

  7. Consumer products(toy, light shoes, luminous bleach, flashlight, etc.)

  8. Vehicle(tire pressure test, alarm system, etc.)

As a lithium-ion battery factory, Great Power was founded in 2001. Our major products include primary batteries, such as Li-FeS2, lithium manganese dioxide rechargeable battery, and Zinc-Air battery, rechargeable batteries, such as Ni-MH, Polymer Li-ion, cylinder lithium-ion battery and square aluminum shell Lithium battery. After accomplishing the wide coverage of traditional consumer electronics batteries, Great Power has now fully entered the fields of new energy vehicle power battery system and associated AC & DC charging pile, household energy storage system, large scale on/off-grid energy storage system, and battery raw material recycling. If you want to get more information about lithium battery price, please contact us.

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