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How Much Do You Know About the Cause of Battery Bulge?

There may be three reasons for the bulging of the battery. One is the manufacturing level of the li polymer battery pack, the electrode coating is not uniform, and the production process is relatively rough; the second is the problem of overcharging and over-discharging during use; the third is the user's daily use habits. These three factors will cause a violent reaction similar to a short circuit inside the battery during use, generating a lot of heat, which will cause the electrolyte to decompose and vaporize, and the battery will swell.

The first: the manufacturer's production process problem

Iin order to save costs, many lithium-ion battery suppliers will make the production environment harsh; as a result, the coating of the li-ion battery is uneven, and dust particles are mixed in the electrolyte. All of these may make the lithium battery pack bulge when used by users, and even cause greater danger.

The second: long-term use and improper storage

If any kind of product is not used for a long time, the original performance will basically decline. Many lithium-ion batteries for sale can not be used for a long time if it is not properly used or stored. Do not use it when exposed to the air for a long time, and the battery is fully charged. Since air is conducive to a certain extent, too long a time is equivalent to direct contact between the positive and negative electrodes of the battery, and a chronic short-circuit occurs. Once short-circuited, it will heat up, and some electrolytes will decompose or even vaporize, causing bulging.

The third: lies in the user itself

If the user uses the lithium battery product improperly, such as overcharge and over-discharge, or continuous use in an extremely harsh environment, it may also cause the lithium battery to swell. If the spare battery is not used for a long time, it is recommended not to fully charge it for storage, and retain about 60% of the power-in addition, take it out after a while, which will benefit the life of the lithium battery. Note that the battery charging drum can not be used continuously, replace the battery as soon as possible.

The cycle life of a lithium-ion battery is generally defined as the number of cycles that the lithium-ion battery can maintain above 80% of its capacity when it is deeply charged and discharged.

Batteries will bulge if they are not used for a long time because the air is conducive to a certain extent. Therefore, if the battery is left for too long, it is equivalent to direct contact between the positive and negative electrodes of the battery, causing a chronic short circuit.

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