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GREAT POWER: Top 4 among global energy storage battery enterprises


The global energy storage market developed strongly, and the market demand also grew rapidly in 2022. The performance of enterprises in the energy storage industry is excellent. GREAT POWER performed well in 2022, ranking top 3 in the Chinese energy storage battery enterprise market, and top 4 in the global energy storage battery enterprise competitiveness.

ICC Xinluo Information Institutions from China released the data report about 2022 global lithium battery energy storage ranking , and global energy storage output statistics in January 2022.


Ranking Of GREAT POWER Shipments In 2022:

In the energy storage battery market, the mainstream energy storage battery manufacturers, represented by GREAT POWER, relying on the accumulation of products and customers in the energy storage industry for many years, in 2022, it had achieved several times of shipment increase in the fields of household energy storage and electric energy storage. GREAT POWER ranked top 3 in the market share of China's energy storage battery enterprises in 2022, and ranked top 4 in the competitiveness of global energy storage battery enterprises in 2022.

The Significance Of Energy Storage:

With the outbreak of the global energy crisis in 2022, the energy price soared, it had aroused the global enthusiasm for energy storage. In the long run, new energy, especially clean energy, will be the key to solving the human energy problem, and energy storage is the key link.

Global Energy Storage Production Data:

According to ICC Xinluo Information, 2022 China's energy storage battery output 120.31Gwh, 162% year-on-year increase. The global output of energy storage batteries was 139.86Gwh, with a year-on-year increase of 112.17%. Among them, electric power storage was 102.49Gwh, increasing 151% year on year, base station storage was 9.82Gwh, decreasing 16.24% year on year, household storage was 25.44Gwh, increasing 112.98% year on year, UPS and other storage was 2.01Gwh, increasing 40.56% year on year.

Energy Storage Market Pattern:

In 2022, the concentration of energy storage battery CR5 was 67.62% in China, with obvious head effect. GREAT POWER ranked top 3 in the market share of China's energy storage battery enterprises in 2022, having a first-mover advantage in the energy storage market. As more and more enterprises join the energy storage market, the competitive situation of other small and medium-sized enterprises will also be further intensified. The industry pattern of energy storage is full of unstable factors, and the market share will further concentrate on the leading enterprises.

Global Energy Storage Demand:

According to the statistics of ICC Xinluo Information, in 2022, there were more than 610 lithium battery energy storage projects planned and constructed in China, with a total capacity of more than 112Gwh, GuangDong Province was the highest in both quantity and capacity. Last year, in addition to North America, Europe, Australia and other developed regions, some developing countries , such as South America, the Middle East, Central Asia and Southeast Asia were also in urgent need of energy storage. It is expected that the demand will increase rapidly in 2023.

Energy Storage Prospect And GREAT POWER Vision:

After experiencing the coal price surge and extreme weather in 2021, the Russian-Uzbekistan conflict in 2022, the oil price, natural gas, electricity price surge and other events, countries around the world are more confident in the energy storage market. In 2023, the energy storage market will continue to develop rapidly. It is expected that the global energy storage battery output will reach 223.9Gwh in 2023. The energy storage battery manufacturers in China, represented by GREAT POWER will seize the opportunity actively to take up a strong position in the international energy storage market, contributing China energy storage scheme to the world.

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