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Five Things that Affect Battery Life

Smartphones have long become an important tool in our lives, but some of our usual habits have affected the life of mobile phones. The battery supplier is here to share it with you.

  1. 1. Don't use your phone while charging

    While using the mobile phone while charging, I believe that many small partners will be successful in daily life. Doing so will bring two problems:

    (1) To extend the charging time of the mobile phone, the charging current is generally higher than the current that the mobile phone can provide. Therefore, the power consumption of the charging power supply is actually consumed instead of the battery.

    (2) The service life of the mobile phone battery is impaired, and it is more prone to fever when the mobile phone is used for a long time and heavily during the charging process.

    During the charging process of the mobile phone, it is recommended that you should not play games, watch videos, take pictures, or make phone calls. If you can't control it, don't charge it.

  2. Don't run out of power and recharge

    In order to reduce the number of charging, many small partners will choose the "deep discharge" method, that is, when the battery is almost exhausted, then recharge it. In fact, this method consumes a great deal of cell phone batteries. At present, most of us use smartphones. The cell phones are all installed with lithium batteries and do not require "deep discharge".

    Recharging when the phone runs out of power will damage the battery life. It is recommended that you charge it when the consumer electronics battery is low.

  3. Do not use inferior charging cables and chargers

    In life, there will be some friends who accidentally damage or lose the original data cable, and will randomly purchase a third-party data cable to replace it. This type of data cable is likely to encounter inferior products or mismatch with the mobile phone model, unstable cells, unstable charging current, etc., which is particularly likely to cause safety accidents.

    If the data cable or charger of the mobile phone is lost or damaged, it is recommended to purchase supporting equipment on the official website of the mobile phone to help extend the battery life of the mobile phone.

  4. Do not charge for a long time

    Many friends are used to playing on the phone at night and then turning off the lights to sleep. At this time, the phone will be charged, and it will be overnight. In addition to affecting sleep, this approach will also affect battery life. If the mobile phone is still connected to the Internet during the charging process, and the function of message push is turned on, a new round of power consumption will be started after the mobile phone is fully powered off, then the mobile phone battery may enter a frequent charge and discharge cycle.

    Don't let the phone charge overnight, it is recommended to develop a daily habit to charge the phone at a specific time.

  5. Don't charge in the high-temperature environment

It's almost a while, and the high-temperature weather is beckoning us. This is also a challenge for smartphone charging because mobile phone batteries are very sensitive to high temperatures, and mobile phone charging is because the internal polymer chemical reaction of the battery will generate heat. Excessively high temperatures are not conducive to mobile phones Charge.

Choose a suitable temperature environment for mobile phone charging. If the mobile phone overheats during charging, it is recommended to remove the mobile phone case to help the mobile phone dissipate heat.

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