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Characteristics and Applications of Lithium Manganese Dioxide Batteries

Nowadays, most of the lithium manganese dioxide batteries used are in the form of coin and cylindrical shape. Cylindrical batteries mostly have a wound electrode core structure, while flexible packaging thin batteries are newly developed products. The typical open circuit voltage of a lithium manganese dioxide battery is 3.3V. The value of its working voltage depends on the discharge rate and discharge environment temperature. The working voltage at room temperature is generally 2.5-2.8V. This battery system has characteristics such as flat discharge curve, good low temperature performance, low self-discharge, and almost no voltage delay.

Types of Lithium Manganese Dioxide Batteries

  • Button batteries can generally only be discharged at low currents. The discharge curve is very flat, and it starts to drop only when it is close to the capacity termination.

  • Carbon-packed batteries are usually used in devices or instruments that require low current and long operating time. Compared to winding batteries of the same size, they can deliver more capacity and have a relatively flat discharge curve during low current discharge.

  • Winding batteries are suitable for devices that require high current discharge or work at low temperatures. For most of the discharge process, the discharge curve of the battery is flat, but the voltage platform is lower than that of button and carbon-packed batteries.

The discharge performance of flexible packaging batteries is consistent with that of cylindrical metal shell batteries. The difference lies in the fact that the electrode plates are made very thin, with internal laminated or plate-type winding structures, and the battery casing does not use a metal shell but multiple composite thin film materials, which are sealed with specialized processes and equipment. Compared to metal shell batteries, flexible packaging batteries have flexible appearance and structural design, with thickness dimensions below 1mm, which can meet various size requirements of users and maximize the utilization space of device battery compartments, reduce battery weight, and thereby improve the specific energy of the battery.

Characteristics of Lithium Manganese Dioxide Batteries

  • Low price: The positive electrode active material, manganese dioxide, uses electrolytic manganese dioxide, which is relatively inexpensive compared to other lithium battery active materials, and can be widely promoted and applied.

  • Excellent battery performance: Its specific energy is 5-10 times that of dry batteries, the load voltage is 2.8V, and the discharge voltage is relatively stable. It can operate within the range of -40°C to +50°C.

  • Long battery storage life: Under normal conditions, the storage life of lithium manganese dioxide batteries exceeds 10 years, with an annual capacity reduction of about 1%.

  • Safe and reliable batteries: The batteries do not release any gas during storage and discharge, and have good safety.

  • Wide variety of batteries: The batteries include button batteries, cylindrical batteries, and rectangular batteries, with different sizes and structures within each category, with capacities ranging from tens of milliampere-hours to several hundred ampere-hours. Therefore, they can meet the requirements of various applications.

Applications of Lithium Manganese Dioxide Batteries

The range of lithium manganese dioxide batteries applications is wide. They are suitable for devices that require high voltage delay and can discharge at large currents instantaneously. In the commercial (including household) field, they are mainly used as power sources for automatic cameras, electronic calculators, radios, flashlights, electronic toys, watches, etc. In the industrial field, they are mainly used as power sources for marine lifesaving equipment, water and electricity metering smart meters, positioning beacons, and memory device power sources for instruments. In the military equipment field, they are mainly used as power sources for communication radios, secure machines, night vision devices, small interference machines, landmines, sea mines, etc.

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