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Are Lithium Iron Phosphate Cells Really Safe?

Now, when people buy new energy vehicles, they will objectively select between the two techniques of lithium iron phosphate cells and ternary lithium batteries.

Industry insiders tell us that those who pay attention to battery life and light-duty vehicles choose ternary lithium batteries, and those who pay attention to safety choose lithium iron phosphate cells.

Consumers urgently hope that the insiders can effectively give answers from the perspective of technology. Is lithium iron phosphate cell safe? This issue is to answer from three aspects of material / structural stability, production process, and charge and discharge characteristics.

Ⅰ. The material of lithium iron phosphate cells

Lithium iron phosphate is currently the safest lithium-ion battery positive material, which does not contain any heavy metals that are harmful to the human. The oxygen in the olivine structure is difficult to precipitate, and the stability of the material is improved.

Ⅱ. The production process of lithium iron phosphate cells

The production process of lithium iron phosphate cells is basically the same as that of other lithium batteries, and its core processes are dosing, coating, rolling, filmmaking and winding.

In the dosing, the conductivity of the lithium iron phosphate material is relatively poor, so the particles are generally smaller. The objective effect is a more uniform internally arrangement, which can keep it form a balanced voltage platform, and keep the battery stable when working.

Ⅲ. Charge and discharge characteristics of lithium iron phosphate cells

Charge and discharge is two basic working conditions of lithium batteries. When the lithium iron phosphate cells are charged or discharged, the oxidation ability of iron ion is not ggod, and the oxygen will not be released. It is difficult to have the redox reaction with the electrolyte, which makes the charge and discharge process of lithium iron phosphate cells is in a safe state.

The lithium iron phosphate cells for sale are also difficult to have a severe redox reaction during a large rate discharge, even overcharge and discharge.

At the same time, after lithium takes off the embedded, lattice change makes the final volume of the crystal (the minimum constituent unit of the crystal) reduce, which exactly covers the increasing volume of the carbon negative electrode in the reaction.

Therefore, the lithium iron phosphate cell in charge and discharge can maintain the stability of the physical structure, eliminating hidden dangers of the battery burst caused by the increase in the volume.

Battery safety takes a monomer as an example for convenience. When we use the lithium iron phosphate cell, it needs to provide rated voltages and capacity applicable to the electrical appliance.

At this time, the lithium iron phosphate cell is required, that is, equipping the monomer lithium iron phosphate cell through series connection / parallel connection / series-parallel connection into lithium batteries pack that can be used, which is most important to pay attention to the consistency of each cell.

Typically, it also has a balanced management system that guarantees the security of lithium batteries through key parameters, and this is a common feature of various lithium battery packs.

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